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so many online website could buy the portable oxygen concentrator or oxygen for home use. I highly recommend "oxygensolve", many types of oxygen machine could be choose. i bought two machines from that website, i think they are reliable and free delivery.

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My father has been using an oxygen concentrator for a few years now. And on this father’s day, I gifted him a portable oxygen concentrator from an online shop named The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop. This site is highly recommended and they give free shipping over the USA.

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My aunt is using an oxygensolve portable oxygen concentrator, it can provide 3 L/min continuous flow, has a carrying bag and a battery, I take it when I go out or see a doctor. It is very light.

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You can buy a portable oxygen concentrator at many websites online. One such website I found is

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Q: Where do i buy a portable oxygn concentrator?
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Where can I obtain a portable oxygen concentrator in Oregon? is the website which provide this service in easiest and affordable way.if you are looking for Portable Oxygen in Oregon we are the choice for you. Orbit Medical is one of the leading providers of Portable Oxygen, and other respiratory equipment in Oregon. We provide 24-hour customer service and support.

Why do you need water in the oxygen concentrator?

In a dry environment, the purpose of adding water to the oxygen concentrator is to moisturize the oxygen. Usually, we can add water or no water to the oxygensolve oxygen concentrator, this will not affect the use of the oxygen concentrator. It still needs to be confirmed with the store.

Is it possible to rent a portable oxygen concentrator in Tampa, FL?

There are several medical supply stores in and around Tampa that will allow you to rent portable oxygen concentrators. Contact for more information. There are several medical supply stores in and around Tampa that will allow you to rent portable oxygen concentrators. The best way to find one is to contact your insurance or

Can a oxygen concentrator be purchased without a prescription?

Yes, you will need a proper prescription to buy an oxygen concentrator. According to the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), oxygen concentrators falls under class II medical device. So, you will have to have a valid prescription from a board-certified physician if you have to buy a concentrator.

What does an oxygen concentrator do?

A oxygen concentrator is a device providing oxygen therapy to a patient at minimally to substantially higher concentrations than available in ambient air.They are used as safer,less expensive, and more convenient alternative to tanks of compressed oxygen.

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What companies sell or rent portable oxygen concentrator equipment?

Yes, Companies usually sell the portable oxygen concentrator equipment. DRMedicalEquipment is one of the leading company which sells the portable oxygen concentrator equipment. Thier website address is

Are there any rules for traveling with a portable oxygen concentrator?

Yes, there are rules for traveling with a portable oxygen concentrator. You can find more info at

How much electricity does a portable oxygen concentrator use?

Portable oxygen concentrators are energy efficient and use as much electricity as a television. Most portable oxygen concentrators can run 4 hours on battery life alone.

Several Options for Acquiring Portable Oxygen Concentrators?

There are many health conditions that require a patient to use portable oxygen concentrators during their daily lives. The oxygen concentrator provides a steady stream of pure oxygen that can ease breathing problems and provide a healthier quality of life for patients. With a portable oxygen concentrator you have the freedom to leave the hospital and live at home, and you can also go out into the community comfortably. Oxygen Concentrator Rentals Many health care retailers offer portable oxygen concentrators for rent. The majority of patients who need to use a portable oxygen concentrator do not need it for the rest of their lives. They tend to be used to ease the recovery of certain medical procedures, or acute flare ups of chronic problems. Renting portable oxygen concentrators gives you the device that you need without the cost of purchasing the machine outright. When you rent an oxygen concentrator you also have the ability to choose from a variety of sizes and styles because the prices are more affordable. Size Matters The portability of your oxygen concentrator depends on its size. Some patients don’t have a choice about the size of their oxygen concentrator because they need the power of a larger unit. Most patients, however, can get the oxygen that they need from a concentrator that is the size of a small suitcase. You can find portable oxygen concentrators that are on wheels, which makes them easy to drag around with you. There are also units that fit into small bags and can be carried. The smaller the unit, the easier it is to take with you wherever you go. More Affordable Oxygen Concentrator Options If renting an oxygen concentrator is not an option, there are many ways to find an affordable unit for purchase. Several retailers offer used portable oxygen concentrators at reduced prices. These concentrators may have been used as rentals previously, or they may be older models that are not in production any longer. If your doctor recommends that you purchase a portable oxygen concentrator for regular use, he or she will probably be able to direct you to local retailers that offer good quality products at reasonable prices.

What is in portable oxygen?

A portable oxygen is a concentrator that provide pulse dose for patient having lack of oxygen needs. It can be use for travel while your under oxygen therapy. There are many types of portable oxygen that has its different functions check it with:

What is the average weight of a portable oxygen concentrator?

The average weight of a portable oxygen concentrator can vary depending on the amount of oxygen, standards though are about 5.3 lbs. For more info check this site out as it has more specifications:

Where can I buy an Oxygen Concentrator in San Diego, California?

You can buy an Oxygen Concentrator at SeQual Technologies. Their address is 11436 Sorrento Valley Road San Diego, CA 92121. You can also see what they have to offer at their website

How much does a portable oxygen concentrator cost?

Portable oxygen concentrator vary in price form around five hundred dollers for an inexpensive unit to multiple thousands of dollars for more expensive units with more features. The price varies pretty widely, but your looking at spending at least 2-3 thousand dollars. If your willing to buy used, you may be able to go down to around $1,000. It depends on where you buy it and what kind you get. You can pay anywhere from $250 to $4000 for one. The more state of the art brands will obviously cost you the most money.

What is a portable oxygen concentrator?

It is a portable device that is used to give oxygen therapy to a patient at higher concentrations than regular air. They travel well in cars, and most new devices are approved for airline travel as well.

What is the smell that comes from oxygen concentrator?

What you smell is the nitrogen gas that has been absorbed in the sieve beds. Having the sieve beds repoured will take care of the problem.

Where can one find information about portable oxygen concentrator?

To find information about portable oxygen concentrator one would have to go to one's local library and search for a book about the matter. Or one could find the necessary information online from websites such as Wikipedia or other similar Encyclopedias.

Is a doctors prescription needed for out of state guest for a portable oxygen concentrator?

You need a prescription for a medical grade oxygen concentrator.That's one which produces Oxygen at a 90% concentration.