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From its first and third letters:

Manganese = Mn

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Q: Where does magnesium's symbol come from?
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What is magnesiums symbol?


What is magnesiums atomic number?


What is magnesiums period number?


What is magnesiums natural colour?

Silver or Gray.

What is magnesiums protons?

Magnesium has 25 protons

What is magnesiums normal form?

Magnesium is a metal.It is a solid.

Magnesiums most common oxidation number?

It has only two.They are zero and +2.

What is magnesiums point of fusion?

The melting point of Magnesium is about 650 deg C.

What is Magnesiums classification on the periodic table?

Magnesium is an Alkaline Earth element. It is a metal, and is very reactive.

What is magnesiums state of matter at room temperature?

Magnesium "MG" is a solid at room temperature.

How many electrons are in magnesium's third energy level?

2 electrons are in magnesiums last energy level

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