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It varies from about 45 cm in the Victoria area to many meters in the BC mountains, among the most in the world. You will have to be much more specific though if you're interested in a specific location.

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According to the weather network as of Jan 5 2009;

The largest one day snowfall occured in Fredericton NB on Dec 4 1967 with 78.0 cm

Coming in second is St Johns Nfld, on March 10 1986 with 68.4 cm

Third is Halifax NS Feb 19 2004 with 66.0 cm

Fourth is Victoria BC on Dec 29 1996 with 64.5 cm

Source: Environment Canada

The biggest single day snowfalls (24 hr period) are as follows: (these are the only times it has dumped over 100cm in a 24hr period in a Canadian town)

Tahtsa Lake West, BC 145cm Feb 11, 1999

Pleasant Camp, BC 127cm Dec 4, 1985

Cap Madeleine, Quebec 122cm Mar 20, 1885

Lakelse Lake, BC 118cm Jan 17, 1974

Stewart, BC 106cm Jan 16, 1976

Kemano, BC 104cm Jan 11, 1968

Nain, Nfld 103cm Jan 6, 1988

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According to The Government of Canada National Climate Data and Information Archive and Statistics Canada

The CITY with the highest annual average snowfall is Corner Brook, NL - 422 cm.

Other CITIES with high annual average snowfall are:

Sept-Îles, QC - 412 cm

Campbellton, NB - 392 cm

St. John's, NL - 322 cm

Quebec City, QC - 316 cm

Charlottetown, PEI - 312

Sherbrooke, QC - 294 cm

Fredericton, NB - 276 cm

Sudbury, ON - 274 cm

The TOWNS/NON-CITIES with the highest annual average snowfall are:

St. Anthony, NL - 505 cm

Nain, NL - 492 cm

Churchill Falls, NL - 465 cm

Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL - 459 cm

Gander, NL - 443 cm

Revelstoke, BC - 425 cm

Deer Lake, NL - 425 cm

Whistler, BC - 411 cm

Baie Comeau, QC - 362 cm

Saguenay, QC - 342 cm

Of note, Ottawa with an annual average snowfall of 236 cm, is only the 34th snowiest city in Canada, but it remains the snowiest national capital in the world.

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Officially it's on Mt. Baker in the Washington Cascades, with nearly 97 feet one year. It's possible that there has been more in different parts of the world, particularly in the coastal mountains of southern Alaska.

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Q: Where has the highest yearly total snowfall been recorded?
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