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It is beneath the sea an is called a ocean crust. This is the thinnest point because the ocean water is so dense (heavy) it flattens the crust (because there's millions and millions of gallons of water...... That's heavy!!!) that's why there are oil rigs at sea because it's only around 5 kilometres thick, unlike on land it's around 50 kilometres thick!!!

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Q: Where is the thinnest point of the earths crust?
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This is the thinest layer of the earths crust?

the crust is the thinnest of the three. the thinnest on the crust is the LITHOSPHERE

Earths thinnest layer is the?

The earth thinnest layer is the crust.

What is earths thinnest layers?

the crust

Which of earths layers the thinnest?

the crust

Why is earths crust brittle?

The crust is the thinnest part on the Earth.

What is the name of the earths thinnest layer?

The crust, more specifically the lithosphere.

Which earths layer is the thinest?

The crust is the thinnest layer of the Earth.

What is the thinnest part of earths interior?

The crust, then core, then mantle

Is the asthenosphere the thinnest layer?

No. The mantle is below the crust (what we live on), which is the thinnest layer of the earth.

Which of earths layer has is thinnest?

The crust is the thinnest, followed by the outer core, inner core, and the mantle is the thickest.

What layer is the thinnest of the earth?

The thinnest layer of Earth is the Lithosphere, also commonly called the crust.

Which of Earth's main layers is the thinnest?

The outermost layer, called the crust, is the thinnest layer of the earth.