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A coal, gas, or oil-burning power plant.

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Q: Which facility relies on a nonrenewable source of energy?
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Is coal the cleanest nonrenewable energy source?

Coal is the dirties nonrenewable energy source

Is natural gas nonrenewable source?

Natural gas is a nonrenewable energy source.

Is hydroelectric a nonrenewable source?

no, it is a renewable energy source.

Is coal you nonrenewable resource?

Yes, coal is a nonrenewable source of energy.

What are the nonrenewable fuels start with the sun as there primary source of energy?

all nonrenewable fuels can be traced back to the sun as a primary energy source

What is a a nonrenewable energy source?

Fossil fuels.

What energy source is used most today?

nonrenewable sources of energy

Is coal an example of a nonrenewable source of energy?


What source of energy relies on the sun the most?


Is power from a Wind turbine a nonrenewable energy source?

no it renewable

Is wave energy a nonrenewable or a renewable source?

Renewable of course.

What is earth most important nonrenewable energy source is?

the sun