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water, air and blood

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Q: Which liquid on earth is necessary for life?
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Which liquid is necessary on earth?


How does water make earth the living planet?

Water is necessary for life to exist, and since earth is the only planet known to have liquid water, it is the living planet

What liquid is necessary for all plant and animal life?


What are four unique properties of water that make life on earth possible?

It exists in nature as a solid, liquid and gas; it freezes from the top (thus leaving the deep waters of rivers and lakes liquid); it dissolves virtually every other substance on Earth, including those necessary for plant and animal life.

What substance is necessary for life on earth?

The sun!

What kinds of atoms are necessary for life on earth?


Why is earth a good planet for life?

Earth is an excellent example of a planet that supports the kind of DNA-based life found on this planet. It has the proper range of temperatures, seasons, amount of liquid water, and proportions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen, and other vital components necessary for the creation of such life.

Earth is the only planet known to have?

Earth is the only planet known to have life and liquid water.

Condition required for life on earth include?

liquid water

Is nitrogen and sulfur bad for the earth?

no, in fact they are necessary for life.

Is precipitation necessary for the survival of life on earth?

Figure it out yourself

Why is NASA important to life on earth?

NASA is important to life. It has all the necessary data for sustaining life.