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Q: Which of the following describes what rocks usually are composed of?
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Rocks are usually composed of to or more what?


Which rock is usually composed of several different minerals.?

The majority of rocks are composed of a variety of minerals. Monomineralic rocks are rare.

What rock are usually composed of?

Minerals! Rocks are made of minerals

Which two rocks are made from rounded grains?

Rocks that are composed of rounded grains or fragments are usually sedimentary rocks. Two of these are sandstone and conglomerate rocks.

How many rocks in an element?

Rocks are composed of minerals which are composed of elements.

How are minerals and rocks the same?

Rocks are composed of minerals. Minerals are composed of elements.

In what ways sand rocks and soil are the same?

They are both sedimentary rocks (rocks composed of solidified sediment particle matter), the only difference is that sandstone is composed of sand-sized particles, which are bigger than the silt particles which make up siltstone.

Which of the following is composed of weathered rocks and decomposed organic material from dead plants and animals?

The answer is Soil!

What best describes the sound usually made when metamorphic rocks hit together?


Is the following sentence true or false Intrusive rocks have similar crystals than extrusive rocks?

Rocks usually contain a mixture of minerals.

Is mineral made out of rocks?

No. But rocks are composed of minerals.

Volcanoes are composed of what rocks? volcanoes can be composed of a variety of igneous rocks.