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Coal fired plants.

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Q: Which produces more radioactivity in the atmosphere coal fire power plants or nuclear power plants?
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Can workers in nuclear power plants be seriously affected by radioactivity in uranium?

In a nuclear power plant (nuclear reactor) the radioactivity of uranium is not a problem in normal work conditions.

What type of power plant most exposes us to radioactivity coal or nuclear plants?

nuclear plants because the fission reaction releases lots of radioactive particles causing radioactivity..

Is the radioactive waste from nuclear power plants dangerous?

It contains a higher amount of radioactivity

Nuclear power plants generate electricity from?

Radioactivity more precisely fission chain reaction

Can you get cancer from nuclear power plants?

Only if things go badly wrong and radioactivity leaks from the reactor

Which nuclear process occurs within nuclear power plants and produces radioactive waste materials?

Nuclear Fission

Is nuclear energy dangerous to humans?

Radioactivity is dangerous, nuclear plants are designed with radiation shielding so that they are safe to work in and for surrounding areas. The most important thing in operating nuclear plants is to keep the radiation contained, then they are safe.

What produces unlimited energy in nuclear power plants?

the splitting of particles

What has the author M D Matheny written?

M. D Matheny has written: 'Emergency dose assessment procedures for atmospheric releases of radioactivity, technical bases' -- subject(s): Dosage, Environmental aspects, Environmental aspects of Nuclear power plants, Nuclear power plants, Radiation, Radiation dosimetry, Radioactive pollution of the atmosphere

Knowledge of radioactivity would be useful for understanding which?

-finding ages of fossils -nuclear power plants -certain medical procedures

How can nuclear harm us?

By radioactivity which causes damage to the body and can cause cancer if enough is absorbed. Nuclear power plants do not normally emit more than trivial amounts of radioactivity, but rare faults can allow more to escape into the surrounding areas.

What country produces over half of their electricity for nuclear power plants?


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