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Geological Time Scale.

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Q: Which scale shows geologic and biological history of earth?
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What is the geologic time scale a record of?

The history of the planet.A record of the geologic events and life forms the earth's history.

How is the geologic time scale a representation of the history of earth?


What does the geologic time scale tell about the life on Earth?

The geologic time scale shows the timing and relationship of events that have occurred throughout Earth's history.

What do you called the scale of time that records the events about the history of the earth?

Geologic Time. It's called the Geologic Time Scale.

A record of events in earth history?

geologic time scale

How is the geologic time scale used in science?

A geologic time scale is a scale that was developed by scientists to show when and for how long different events happened in the Earth's history. Some events included on the scale are when plant life appeared, when mountains were formed and when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. The geologic time scale divides Earth's history into periods such as the Cretaceous, Jurassic and Triassic periods.

Why is the geologic time scale used to show the Earth's history?

because the time span of earth past is so great geologic

What is the purpose of the geologic time scale?

The scale outlines the development of Earth and life on Earth.

What divides earth history's into units from its origin to the present?

Geologic Time Scale

The record of life forms and geologic events in Earth's history is called?

the record of life forms and geologic events in earth's history is actually called the "Geologic time scale" fine sir. good day

Why is the geologic time scale used the show earth's history?

becase scientists use it to place history in order

What is a measurement of the Earth history divided into time periods?

fossil record geologic time scale