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A cold front usually causes the most violent weather

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Q: Which type of front usually causes the most violent weather?
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What is violent weather?

Violent changes in weather are called fronts. These fronts can refer to violent temperature changes such as a cold or hot front for example.

What is weather like near a front?

weather along a front is usually rainy

What type of front does cool clear weather usually follow?

A cold front.

Describe the weather before and after an occluded front?

The weather before an occluded front is usually warm and humid. After an occluded front, the air is typically drier and cooler.

Is the weather along the front usually clear or rainy?


Do farmers prefer rain from a cold front or wrm front?

Warm front. A cold front tends to bring more violent weather, including heavy winds and rain, hail, and stronger thunderstorms, which can damage crops. A warm front produces less violent rainstorms and steadier rain that is less damaging to crops.

What weather front causes hurricanes?

None. Hurricanes are tropical systems that are not associated with fronts.

What type of front is a tornado?

It's not a front. A front is a line-shaped boundary separating 2 different air masses. A tornado is a small but violent whirlwind. They're two completely separate weather features.

What does a passing front usually bring?

A passing front usually brings unsettled weather including thunderstorms. A passing front can also bring snow, hail, sleet, and heavy rains.

What front causes the most violence?

The type of weather front that cause the most violence is a cold front. They can contribute to strong winds, major thunderstorms, and heavy rain.

What is a sentence for the term occluded front?

It is usually better to avoid flying into an occluded front due to the associated weather patterns.

What kind weather result from stationary front?

Usually, a lot of cloudiness, and some precipitation.