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Q: Which would NOT be considered a mineral?
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Which would not be considered mineral?


Why is water not considered a mineral?

Liquid water is not considered a mineral because it is not a solid. But solid water--ice, is considered a mineral because it is a solid with a crystal form.

A what is a rock that contains a metal or economically useful mineral?

The rock would be considered an ore.

Under what condition would water be considered a mineral?

When it solidifies into crystalline form (ice).

Could quartz be considered a mineral?

Quartz is a mineral.

When is water a mineral?

Water as a solid, in the form of ice, is considered a mineral when it is naturally occurring. Ice in snow banks is considered a mineral but ice cubes you make in your freezer are not a mineral.

What is one reason table salt would be classified as a mineral?

The mineral halite (table salt) meets all the requirements for being defined as a mineral in that it is naturally occurring, a solid, has a chemical formula, has a crystalline structure, and is inorganic.

What is tungsten's mineral group?

none. It is not a mineral and is considered to be an element

Why is ice in a glacier considered to be a mineral but but what forms a glacier is not?

Ice forms a glacier and therefore it is considered a mineral.

What native mineral is the best conductor of electricity?

Until recently, diamond would have been the answer, but graphene films have even higher conductivity. But graphene would not (yet) be considered a native mineral. [Most probably]

Why isn't a tooth considered a mineral?

Oxygen isn't a mineral, It's a gas. Mineral's are like rocks.

What is an accessory mineral?

An accessory mineral is a mineral present in small amounts in a rock, but not considered to be characteristic of the rock.