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Many researchers have arrived at that conclusion. The first are undoubtedly lost to history. Some pines are fire climax pines and need fire to release the seeds from the pine cones. Some biomes need fire to clear underbrush to allow seedlings to gain a foothold. See the link to read more about the role of fire in a Sequoia forest.

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Q: Who discovered that fire helps reproduce trees?
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What does the fire do to assist the trees to reproduce?

It forces the seeds (such as pinecones) to open so they will be allowed to germinate. The heat activates them to open because the seed thinks it is warm enough to let the seeds germinate. And let the plant reproduce.

How do pine trees use fire to reproduce?

pine cone

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How much of Yellowstone Park was destroyed by fire?

Fires are a natural part of Yellowstone ecosystem, with out fire some trees wouldn't be able to reproduce.

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Eucalyptus trees have thick bark which protects the inner heart of the tree. The seeds have a shell surronding them, this helps in a fire.

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trees are plants and fire kills trees.

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Fire is a natural phenomena. Its discovery pre-dates history. It will have been 'discovered' by many people in many places.

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Once ignited, fire could catch other objects on fire. In a sense, yes it can.

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Fire is renewable because fire isn't like trees. When you cut down trees they are gone. Fire is renewable but trees are nonrenewable. While it is not possible to waste fire in general, it is possible to waste the materials used to make the fire. So if you are not using the fire, you are wasting energy.