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Because Of the wheather. Toronto has lots Of heat and moisture which creates storms, which is something vancouver doesnt have as Often beacuse of the cooler air

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Q: Why are there more thunderstorms near Toronto than Vancouver?
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Why do we get a lot of thunderstorms during warm months?

In order for thunderstorms to form the air must be unstable, which generally requires the air near the ground to be warm and moist. This warm, moist air provides the energy that powers thunderstorms. The warmer and more humid the air is, the more energy is available for thunderstorms.

Why do plants grow better near Toronto than Yellowknife?

More sun and precipitation.

Is Vancouver near Hamilton?

No, there are 2,078 miles between Vancouver, California and Hamilton, California.

Why do thunderstorms and rain occur when there is ITCZ?

Because it is near the equator.

The two atmospheric conditions are required to produce thunderstorms?

Thunderstorms can happen if the air near the Earth's surface is warm and moist and the atmosphere is unstable

Precipitation that falls near the equator is most likely to?

Since the air near the equator is hot and moist, it is most likely to produce thunderstorms. Did you know that 30,000+ thunderstorms occur enar the equator every day?

What region near the equator has light breezes alternating with sudden thunderstorms?


Is Hamilton east of Toronto?

No Hamilton is WEST of Toronto. We are located near Niagara Falls

Can lightning be near cyclones and tornadoes?

Yes. Cyclones often produce thunderstorms, and tornado occur during thunderstorms. So both are commonly accompanied by lighting.

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Toronto stubinville

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