Why are tornadoes so big?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Compared with other types of storm tornadoes are actually rather small. In meteorological terms something less than 2 kilometers or 1.2 miles wide (which most tornadoes are) is considered micro scale. But in general, it would be difficult to fit such intense winds as are found in a tornado into something less than a few dozen yards wide, especially since they form from a larger circulation called a mesocyclone. As it turns out, very small tornadoes are usually (though not always) short lived and weak.

Very large tornadoes have often have gone through a process called vortex breakdown which occurs when a downdraft travels down the center of the tornado, forcing the vortex as a whole to expand. Such tornadoes often have smaller subvorticies (almost like smaller tornadoes) hidden within the main funnel.

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Q: Why are tornadoes so big?
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Why are tornadoes big?

If they were little they wouldn't be tornadoes

Are tornadoes very small?

tornadoes can be small and some can be big well it depends how big the cloud is

Are big tornadoes strong tornadoes?

Big tornadoes are usually strong, but not always. A large, poorly organized tornado is not likely to be very strong. Some tornadoes even weaken as they expand.

How big are most tornadoes?

Most tornadoes are 50 to 100 yards wide.

What instrument do they use for a tornado?

how big are tornadoes

Can 2 F5 tornadoes at the same time same place possibly make a big huge large tornado?

It is unlikely that two tornadoes could maintain such high intensity so close to each other.

Do mini tornadoes do more damage then big ones?

Generally, small tornadoes do less damage than large ones, but some small tornadoes have been very destructive.

Can tornadoes become one big tornado?

Yes. Some twisters have touched down and joined together to create a big tornado.edit: when tornadoes form like that its called a multivotex tornado

How can you weather tornadoes?

Tornadoes are not landforms, and so cannot be affected by weathering.

Why has there been so many tornadoes?

I believe coming out of a La Nina as we are is conducive to an enhanced threat of tornadoes. Aside from that, it's just one of those things where all the conditions have come together perfectly for a couple big outbreaks.

What are big tornadoes?

A large tornado can easily by over a quarter of a mile wide. Some tornadoes are over a mile in diameter. A handful of tornadoes have been over 2 miles wide.

How do tornadoes get different sizes?

i think it depends on the weather and how big the storm is!