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because earth quick generat at the great deapth of the earth. where the temperature of the earth is so heigh like fire that's y the frequiency that occur after the earth quick is fire frequency

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Q: Why do fires frequently occur after earthquakes?
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Do earthquakes occur more frequently in the interior plates?

No. The vast majority of earthquakes occur at or near plate boundaries.

When does a tsunami happen most frequently?

well, tsunami's are caused by earthquakes and most earthquakes occur in the sea.

What is seismic zoning?

A small area of a country or state where earthquakes occur frequently.

What causes fires to ignite after an earthquake?

In older times and in developing countries earthquakes would frequently knock over wood and coal-burning stoves. In modern communities fires can start when earthquakes rupture gas lines.

Earthquakes frequently occur along the edges of?

Earthquakes occur frequently along the edges of fault lines. This is caused when two plates collide into or slide past each other. This will send shockwaves around the epicenter, resulting in an earthquake.

Does fire often occur after earthquakes and why?

yes because the friction of the tectonic plates produces heat leading to fires

Floods droughts fires and earthquakes are examples of .?

Floods, drought, fires and earthquakes are examples of natural disasters.

What season do earthquakes occur?

Earthquakes are not a seasonal phenomenon and so the time of year has no effect on the occurrence of earthquakes. As such, earthquakes can happen at any time of the year as they occur independent of weather and climate.

What type of natural disaster would occur in the southeast region?

One natural disaster is Earthquakes and the other is fires, because the land is so dry.

When will forest fires occur?

Fires can occur at any time

When was Haiti's smallest earthquake?

That is impossible to tell. Smaller earthquakes occur more frequently, to the extent that the majority of earthquakes are too small to event be felt. Without a sophisticated seismic network, many earthquakes will not even be detected.

Does Chile earthquakes cause fires?