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because they just do

Plants with small leaves live in extreme environments. Some plants have big leaves to make photosynthesis easier for the plant probably because it lives somewhere shady. Plants with small leaves have lots of light so big leaves are not required. The bigger the leaf the bigger the surface area so big and small leaves collect the same amount of light.


Additionally a big factor that stresses effective leaf sizing is the amount of atmospheric moisture and heat. Some plants will fix carbon in the night time, reducing the amount of water loss they experience through the stomata, but others do not: as they intake CO2, they also lose water due to the heat. Hence a cactus's leaves are thin needles. Doesn't allow for a lot of CO2 fixation (so slow growth), but there's very little evaporation, so they don't die easily. It's a tradeoff for many plants.

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Q: Why do some plants have small leaves and some have big leaves thank you?
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Why don't desert plants have leaves?

Leaves that have a small surface area lose less water.

Why trees in dry region have small leaves give reason?

Basically, to reduce the loss of water through their leaves. Some desert plants have a waxy coating on their leaves to do the same.

What type of environment do plants with small leaves live in?

Because of the small leaves which some plants have, they can not live in nice and dry places and can't get enough oxygen and can't get produce carbon dioxide. Therefore they can only live in wet damp and dark places. Hopeful this answers your question.

What leaves or clustered some plant have single or simple leaves?

Some plants have single and clustered leaves, and some have clustered or compound leaves.Maple and Oak trees have simple leaves. Some such as horse-chestnut and locust trees, have leaves that grow in clusters. These are compound leaves. Others plants have leaves shaped like needles or spines.

Do their leaves fall in winter?

Yes some plants have leaves which fall of like mango leaves . But there are some plants of which leaves do not fall , like oak leaves.

Can plants with long leaves be found in the desert?

Yes, there are some plants in the desert with long leaves. A few examples:Palm treesYuccasSotol

True or false the two large groups of plants are those that have leaves and those that do not have leaves?

False. Two large groups of plants could be seed plants and seedless plants, or vascular and nonvascular plants. All plants have leaves of some kind or another.

How do aquatic plants breath in oxygen?

some have breathing roots that appear above water surface pneumataphores

How are plants like people?

Well the leaves on some plants are known for their excellent smelling.

Do eucalyptus leaves kill other plants?

Eucalyptus leaves can kill other plants. They are extremely toxic and just a few leaves around a plant can kill it. Of course some plants are immuned to the toxic poison.

Why do some plants have large broad leaves?

To maximise the surface area for photosynthesis, plants increase the size of their leaves

What is a kind of clover plant with tiny leaves?

There are several types of clover plants with tiny leaves. Some species of clover with small leaves include the Dutch white clover, sweet clover, and common white clover.