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because there is lot of water vapor in the atmosphere than on a normal day and that is why the normal evaporation process of sweat does not work properly and we feel sticky

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Q: Why do you feel sticky on a humid day?
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What is a humid subtropical climate like?

Hot, sticky, sweaty

What is a synonym for the word humid?

A few synonyms of humid are; damp, moist, muggy, sweltering, and sticky. Hope this helps :)

What is the weather like in the wetlands?

The Wetlands weather tends to be humid and wet, and sticky.

Do we sweat more on a dry day or humid day justify your reason?

Humid day

How could you tell if it's humid outside?

Walk outside and if it feels hot and sticky like, it's humid. If your unable to walk ask someone to do it for you

How do you use humid in a sentence?

it was very humid outside because yesterday it rained An example would be, It is very humid outside. The weather in the Carribean is very humid. When it's very hot and humid outside, be sure to drink several glasses of throughout the day. Tropical plants grow best when the air is warm and humid. Grandma hates sticky, humid weather, so she spent the summer sitting near the air conditioner. When it's very humid outside, my hair gets frizzy. The temperature was made even more unbearable by how humid it was. It was a hot and humid day at the beach.

Is Jacksonville humid in the summer?

It does get quite hot and humid in the summer in Jacksonville. Florida has mild weather for half of the year while the other half does get quite sticky.

What does it feel to get gunged?


What was the climate for the southeren colonies?

1. humid 2. hot and sticky

How hot can new york get up to?

In Summer , the temperature can get as high as 115. Usually its very humid and sticky.

What is the A synonym for humidity?

A few synonyms of humid are; damp, moist, muggy, sweltering, and sticky. Hope this helps :)

What is a word that means hot and sticky?

For weather, a term often used is "muggy" (hot and very humid).