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Q: Why do you think three states in the northern plains have had no damage from earthquakes?
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What states are the northern plains?

The states in the northern plains of India are Punjab,Haryana,Delhi,Uttar Pradesh,Bihar,Jharkhand,West Bengal and Assam.

How many number of states are covered by northern plains of India?


Why do the states of North Dakota and Minnesota and Iowa have little earthquake damage?

North Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa rarely have earthquakes and when they do, the earthquakes aren't usually strong enough to cause much damage.

Where in the continental United States is heavy fog most prevelent. high desert northern west coast northern great plains or southern great plains?

northern west coast, think Washington or Oregon where it rains a lot

Where does the plains states lie within?

The plains are located in several states.

Why some states have no earthquakes?

Some states do not have earthquakes because they are not located on or near fault lines.

How are the great plains the same to the central plains?

Central planes are planes that intersect

The plains stretch arcoss the middle of the united states?

The plains that stretch across the middle of the United States are referred to as the Great Plains.

What states have no earthquakes?


How many states are in the Great Plains region?

There are ten states in the Great Plains Region of the US.

Why do earthquakes occur in the Midwest and east coast?

The Eastern and Midwestern United States are not geologically active, however, there are still faults and some tension left over from ancient periods of geologic activity. Additionally, portions of the northern United States experience earthquakes as the crust rebounds following the retreate of the glaciers.

Which southeast states have plains?

Most of them but they are not related to the Great Plains.