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Hi there bamboo grows faster in soil as it is a type of grass and grass grows faster in soil than any where else mainly because all of the nutrients vitamins and minerals in the soil which help the plant grow faster and healthier such as we all need the right balance of foods to grow better.

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Q: Why does bamboo grow faster in soil?
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Does bamboo grow better in water or soil?

loam or humus well both are good but mostly loam

What do you use to grow bamboo?

soil and a bamboo safe gaurd

Can you grow lucky bamboo in just water?

You can grow lucky bamboo in just water. Lucky bamboo does not need any kind of soil in order to grow properly. However, people can also grow them in soil if they choose. The soil must have good drainage.

Does Rhubarb grow faster than bamboo?

No, Bamboo is the fastest growing plant

What soil to use for bamboo?

Bamboo will grow in poor soils, but not in constant wet, boggy or extremely dry conditions.

Will a seed grow faster in a cotton or will it grow faster in soil?

it would grow faster in wet cotton than in wet soil soil , as cotton would retain adequate water for a longer period of time than soil .

What plants grow faster with soil or compost?


What type of soil is bamboo grown in?

Bamboo plants prefer slightly acidic soil that is around 6. In terms of soil texture, they grow better in loam. If you want them to grow more efficiently, Use a fertilizer high in nitrogen

Why does beans grow faster in soil than water?

Beans grow faster becasue soil has all the essential nutrients for the bean.

Do plants grow faster with vitamin water or tap water?

No. If you water a plant with vitamin water the soil starts molding, the seeds do not sprout and it smells really bad! I've tried this myself at home that's how I know! yes plants will grow no plant will not grow

What things can south Africa grow in their soil?

fertile flowers and bamboo trees

Which type of soil will make a plant grow faster?

Loamy soil.