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they dont live there because they might not have the the right thigs to eat to wear and to drink and mmight die

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Q: Why does not a lot of people live in the amazon rainforest?
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Do a lot of jaguars live in the Amazon rainforest?

The highest concentration of jaguars in the Americas is the Amazon basin.

How have people had a negative effect on the Amazon rainforest?

People have been cutting down a lot of trees in the Amazon rainforest and it's slowly beginning to decrease its area.

What is the problem for farmers in the Amazon rainforest?

They get a lot of produce from the rainforest by taking fruits and land of the Amazon

Why Brazil is so important to the earth?

It is because it has amazon rainforest, where a lot of animals live and a lot of plants grow. It is very important to our natural environment

Why do people live in the rainforest?

Lots of Indians live in the rainforest because they have lost their homes of they do not have anywhere to stay. It's a very different place to live, but it's a lot harder!

What is the name given to the large area of rainforest that covers a lot of Brazil?

The Amazon Rainforest, which relates to the largest river in South america, The Amazon River.

Name all the rainforests?

Amazon Arcterix Snowyfralls Hartrye and Frederixz

Is there any deforestation?

yes there is quite a lot of deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest.

How much of the amazon rainforest is unexplored?

a lot of it over 5o percent for sure

What animals live rainforest?

There is a lot of animals that live in the rainforest like birds,parrots,tigers,and all kind of other animals.

What plants are adapted to the Amazon rainforest and how?

There are a few different plants that can adapted to the amazon. All the plants have to be able to take a lot of rain.

Why is the amazon rainforest called a rainforest?

It is called a rainforest because of the precipitation and humidity. There are heavy rains during at least part of the year, and a dense canopy of trees traps a lot of moisture in the air below. The rainforests are in tropical regions where the average temperature (and therefore the relative humidity) is comparatively high.It rains a lot, in a forest.