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A dilute solution of sulfuric acid (<50%) is a very good conductor. This is because it produces ions in the water that carry the electricity.

Concentrated solutions of solutions of sulfuric acid do not conduct electricity well. Sulfuric acid has a hard time making ions with itself (it does not make H3SO4+). Since there is very little water in 99% sulfuric acid, it does not have a lot of ions to conduct electricity.

Basically, sulfuric acid does not conduct electricity well because it is molecular, not ionic.

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It is not a metal or carbon and therefore it cannot conduct elecricity.

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Q: Why does sulfur not conduct electricity?
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Is sulfur an electrolyte?

No, elemental sulfur does not conduct electricity and is not an electrolyte.

Does sulfur conduct heat and electricity?

Yes It Does.

Does sulfur conduct electricity when in aqueous solution?

no it's chemical substance and the ions do not conduct sulphur electricity when in aqueous solution!

Why sulphur does not conduct electricity?

The chemical structure of Sulfur would prevent the conduction of electricity.

Why molten sulfur can't conduct electricity but molten copper chloride can?

The element copper can conduct electricity. These are two completely different chemical substances.

How can you alter sulfur to make it conduct electricity?

no because it is not a metal and is not electro-positive.

Why sulfur cannot be used to make wires?

As a nonmetal it does not conduct electricity and is not ductile.

Can sulphur dioxide conduct electricity if molten?

Sulfur dioxide is a gas at room temperature.

What element is pale yellow brittle solid and does not conduct electricity?


Is sulfur a good conductor of heat and electricity?

Sulfur is generally not a good conductor of heat and electricity, if it is the atom itself you are talking about. If Sulfur is present in an ionic compound, (example: Copper Sulfide, Lead Sulfide), then this compound will conduct electricity in only the MOLTEN state. Also, if Sulfur is in a polyatomic ion (example: Sulfate) and this polyatomic ion forms an ionic compound with another metal, in an aqueous solution, then it will conduct electricity. Remember, ionic compounds only conduct in the MOLTEN/LIQUID state. Glad to help, regards

Is sulfur a sulfur a metal or non metal?

It is not metallic because it does not have a shiny luster, does not conduct electricity, and is not malleable. (you can't bent it like tin foil)

Why doesn't sodium oxide conduct electricity?

covalent bonds do not conduct electricity covalent bonds do not conduct electricity covalent bonds do not conduct electricity