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It rains so that the animals in the rain forest get more trees and more oxygen so that they can survive

They need so much rain so to live in rain forest

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Q: Why does the rain forset rain so much?
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What is the rate the wind blows in the rain forest?

it isnt windy in the amozon rain forset that much

How many animals are there in the rain forset?

885857575475 to not be correct

Why is the Ecuadorian rain forset Flower endangered in the amazon?


Are there different seasons in a rainforest?

If the rain forset is on the equator, I don't believe the temperature changes all that much, but precipitation rates may. If the rain forest is not on or near the equator, there are definitely notably different seasons.

How did they catch the gold?

well the would dig in the rain forset about 10 meters down to find gold

Where can you find a rain forset in the US?

Hawaii, Washington State (West of the Cascade mountains) and Oregon (west of the Cascade mountains).

Which is a biotic element found in the tropical rain forset biome?

A frog would be one example of a biotic element of that biome.

What animals in the tropical forset eat bamboo?

One animal in the rain forest that eats bamboo is the giant panda. Also, rats and lemurs that live in the rain forest will eat bamboo.

Are there many rain forset animails in the world?

A majority of the animals on the earth are living in the rainforest as they cover roughly 50% of the world's surface that isn't covered by water

What habitat does a caribou live in?

in a forset

What is an adjective for forset?

Unfortunately, there is no such word.

Does the dessert get a lot of rain?

no. the dessert is really hot so it doesn't get much rain