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Because we have a lot of rain and it is good for the crops if you know how to grow good tobacco.

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Q: Why does tobacco grow so well in NC?
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Why did The Lord's Proprietors laeve Europe to find North Carolina?

To grow tobacco. The British were at war with the French, and couldn't get any tobacco from them, so they wanted to grow their own.

Why is so much land needed to grow tobacco?

The Tabacco is so big and that they grow out really big, they take a lot of space up. :)

Why do plants grow so well in the Netherlands?

Plants grow so well in the Netherlands because the people who grow them are highly skilled in the art of growing.

Why is tobacco important?

In the US Southern States where it became a major cash crop.

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What describes slavery's role in the economy?

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why was finding tobacco so important

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Does tobacco make you shake and if so why?

Tobacco is a stimulant and so can make you shake.

Is it legal for teens to smoke tobacco?

It is not illegal to grow your own tobacco. In fact, the practice of growing tobacco inside homes and gardens is widely accepted in the US. While growing tobacco for your personal use is legal, growing tobacco for commercial purposes is strictly regulated in the US and producing tobacco to be sold requires a license from the government..

Why did Chinese in the north prefer to grow wheat while those in the south perferre rice?

Because of the humidity of the country, different regions grow crops differently. It was more humid in the south so rice grew better. Wheat does not need that much humidity to grow. Compare it to the USA, they grew tobacco in Virginia until they discovered that tobacco grew better in the other Southern states.