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Actually this year we are right in the normal category for the number of earthquakes expected to occur.

The average number of quakes worldwide varies by magnitude.

Magnitude 7 to 7.9 about 17 is the average.

There have been 5 as of Apr 14, 2010.

It goes up from there.

Magnitude 6 to 6.9 is 134 quakes.

There have been 58, as of Apr 14, 2010.


5 to 5.9 is 1319 quakes.

There have been 704 as of Apr 14, 2010.

There are a few reasons why it seems there are more than usual.

1. When a particularly damaging Quake or natural disaster happens it heightens the public and the news community's awareness, and brings the occurrences to the spotlight more.

2. The quakes so far have happened in more densely populated areas of the world, so the human toll on life and suffering is greater than when a quake happens in an uninhabited area.

The real problem is that humans have short lives and short memories, while the time span for "average" goes back to when someone decided to keep track of earthquakes.

The world population has increased so much that any earthquake will happen in a more populated area than in years past. We have to have a sense of perspective, though that does not mean that if we shorten the "average" time to the last 100 years that we would not see a significant increase in activity.

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Q: Why have there been so many earthquakes in 2010?
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How many earthquakes have there been in 2010?

On average, there are roughly 20,000 - 30,000 recorded earthquakes every year. There were 21,546 recorded earthquakes in 2010 around the world according to the USGS. Note many go undetected because they hit remote areas or have very small magnitudes so the actual numbers are much greater.You can visit the site below to see lists on recorded earthquakes in the year 2010 as well as past years.

How long did the turkey earthquake last?

There have been many earthquakes in Turkey that lasted for varied periods. Most of the earthquakes have lasted for about 30 seconds leaving so many fatalities and so much damage.

What is a physical process that happens in Chile?

Right now, in the year 2010, there has been 32 miners trapped in an underground mine, so far, over half have been rescued.

Why does Vancouver have so many earthquakes?

Vancouver has so many earthquakes because it is along the ring of fire, a fault line.

Are earthquakes always bad?

No. Many earthquakes have no impact. The majority of earthquakes are so minor that they can't even be felt.

Are there many earthquakes in Madagascar?

No because Madagascar is not in-between two continental plates so they don't have many earthquakes.

How many earthquakes have the US had?

Earthquakes (big and small) happen so many times a day, it is impossible to put a number on it.

How many large earthquakes were there in 2012?

The list of earthquakes by year (1990-Present) or by country can be found at the USGS Earthquake Hazards website. In 2010 there was one earthquake magnitude 8 or greater, which was in Chile (M 8.8). The USGS provides a list of significant earthquakes for 2010 as well as a worldwide map of earthquakes for 2010 and previous years. See link below.

Why did the earthquake in christchurch have so many aftershocks?

The reason that there have been so many aftershocks after the 2010 Christchurch earthquake is because bigger earthquakes have not only stronger aftershocks, but more of them. Aftershocks happen because when an earthquake occurs, the earth's plates hardly ever settle into a stable position straight away. So, the newly moved rock has to be settle.

How many earthquakes have so far hit christchurch since Saturday 5th September 2010?

Up to 700 to date but only thirty in past three days so signs of diminishing activity!

Why are you having so many earthquakes in this decade?

Global warming