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I suppose because during manufacture and building, some processes produce carbon, also manufacture of the fuel involves ore mining and refining, and production of the fuel rods.

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Q: Why is a nuclear power station not classified as carbon neutral?
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Where does carbon dioxide serve as coolant for a graphite moderated core?

Maginot nuclear power station

Where does carbon dioxide serve as coolant for a graphite-moderated core?

Maginot nuclear power station

How is a nuclear power station different to a fossil fuelled power station?

Nuclear power produces clean electricity without any carbon dioxide emissions.Fossil fuel (coal, oil and natural gas) power produces electricity with carbon dioxide emissions which are causing global warming and climate change.

When was The Carbon Neutral Company created?

The Carbon Neutral Company was created in 1997.

Does the nuclear power station provides cleaner more efficient energy?

The main advantage of nuclear power is that it does not depend on manufacturing carbon dioxide from carbon fuels, as gas, oil and coal power plants do, so nuclear power plants save millions of tons of CO2 being dumped into the atmosphere.

What is the source of nuclear power station?

They supply the electricity companies who supply your house or business

How man electrons does a neutral atom of carbon have?

The neutral carbon atom has 6 electrons.

How is carbon classified?

Carbon is a non metal.

Is carbon monoxide an acidic oxide or neutral oxide?


What is carbon neutral?

Carbon Neutral means making no net release of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, especially through trees.

Why nuclear power station is cleaner than fossil fuel power station?

Because it doesn't pump thousands of tons of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere as a result of generating electricity. While nuclear waste IS highly radioactive, providing all safety precautions are taken, the ONLY waste product of a nuclear plant - is hot water from the turbines !

An atom of an element is electrically neutral becaue the?

carbon exists as 3 naturally isotopes c12 c13 c14 as he number of neutrons increase in the isotope the nuclear charge