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This is because in ammonia there is a nitrogen atom (with a high electronegativity value) that has a lone pair of electronsavailable to form a hydrogen bond with the hydrogen atoms in water. On the other hand although the Phosphorous atom has a lone pair of electrons, it doesn't have a high enough electronegativity value to form a strong hydrogen bond.

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Q: Why is ammonia more soluble in water than phosphine?
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Which is more soluble in water ammonia or nitrogen?


Carbon dioxide is more soluble under?

Carbon dioxide is more soluble in water than O2. The most soluble gas in water is ammonia. Carbon dioxide reacts with water to form carbonic acid.

What is the difference between solubility of sodium nitrate and ammonia?

Sodium nitrate is more soluble in water.

Is ammonia able to be dissolved in water?

Ammoniak (NH3) is very soluble in water, forming a weak base solution of ammonia (frequently, but not correctly named ammonium hydroxide, NH4OH; it contains more NH3,aq molecules than NH4+ and OH- ions)Note: ammonia hydroxide is not a good chemical name.

Why is ammonia more soluble than carbon tetrachloride?

polar and non polar

Which is more soluble in water CH3NH2 or H2S?

NH3(g), also known as ammonia gas, is highly soluble in water, to the tune of 89.9g/L at 0 degrees celsius. This high solubility is due to the electronegativity of the nitrogen. Being a gas, the solubility improves as the temperature drops.

Will potassium chloride be more soluble in water or in isopropanol?

definitely more soluble in water....

It oxygen more soluble in fresh water or in salt water?

Oxygen is more soluble in fresh water.

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Bromine is soluble in water.

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NaCl is soluble in cold water but more readily soluble in hot water

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Gases are more soluble in cold water.