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Because without the dust, salt or smoke that make up condensation nuclei there would be no condensation. Without condensation there would be no clouds or rain and the planet would die.

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Q: Why is condensation nuclei important for your atmosphere?
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What is the role of nuclei in condensation?

Nuclei in condensation plays an important role in cloud formation. The cloud formation produces precipitation, which is important for water to return to the Earth's surface.

What prevents rain from falling continuously as water vapor condenses in the atmosphere?

The condensation of the nuclei

What are small particles in the air around which water vapor condenses?

these small particles in the air or atmosphere is known as condensation nuclei. condensation nuclei my consist of dirt particles like grain of sand or dust, or it may be the smock,because the metrical present in the smock is also work as condensation nuclei . and for condenses water vapour requierd a platform,which it obtain from the condensation nuclei. CAPT.MOEEN IQBAL

The atmosphere contains small solid particles known as?

From a meteorological perspective, these particles would be referred to as "condensation nuclei". They provide a surface on which water vapor can condense. This leads to the formation of haze and clouds.A couple of examples of condensation nuclei are dust and salt particles.

What are condensation nuclei?

Condensation nuclei are tiny bits of particulate matter that serve as surfaces on which water vapor condenses.

Water vapor condenses on tiny particles called condensation?

Yes. It is a form of condensation that, in the atmosphere, results in some form of precipitation. The dust particles are called "nuclei".

Which is not an example of condensation nuclei?

water droplets

How would a significant decrease in condensation nuclei in the world's atmosphere affect cloud formation climate?

Whatever answer it yourslef! Anyways im the one answering it dummies!

Which conditions must exist for condensation to occur in the atmosphere?

In order for water vapor to condense three things need to be present. The first is humidity, next is a temperature change (warm water vapor coming in contact with a cool surface), and finally there needs to be a condensation nuclei. A condensation nuclei is a solid on which condensation takes place such as a cold cup.

Condensation nuclei are involved in the formation?

cloud droplets

Which type of condensation nuclei are most likely to cause cloud to form?

Cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) are usually Sulfate aerosol (SO42- and methanesulfonic acid droplets).

What type of condensation nuclei are most likely to cause clouds o form?

Cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) are usually Sulfate aerosol (SO42- and methanesulfonic acid droplets).