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Feldspar and quartz, with a hardness of 6 and 7 on the Mohs Scale respectively, are the minerals that give granite its abrasion resistance. Its hardness is due to the interlocking crystal structure as it cools from melt, making it among the hardest of rock types.

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Granite is composed mainly of silicate minerals which are much harder than the calcite that makes up the marble.

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Q: Why is granite harder than marble?
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Is marble stronger than granite?

no one of the only known substances harder than granite is diamond

Is marble hard or soft?

Marble is a very hard stone. Even though it is harder than limestone it is not as hard as granite.

Is marble rock granite?

no marble is not granite

Is granite cooler than marble?

Granite is harder and stronger than marble. It resists scratches and does not react as easily to acids, such as tomato juice and vinegar. Because of its mottled pattern, granite can typically hide stains better than marble.

Which rock is the hardest granite or chalk?

Chalk is a sedimentary rock composed primarily of Calcium Carbonate. Calcium carbonate is also the number one mineral at the Marble spec. Hardness of Chalk is around 3 Mohs. Granite stay at the number 7 at the Mohs scale and Granite is harder than Marble. Granite is mostly composed by feldspat (christal).

What is a form of calcium carbonate softer than marble but harder than chalk?

Limestone is softer than marble, but harder than chalk.

Is bauxite harder than granite?


Is diamond harder than gypsum?

Yes, diamond is harder than granite. Diamond is the hardest mineral known. And it is several times harder than granite.

Is marble harder than basalt?


How do you use sclerometer in a sentence?

Using a sclerometer, Dr. Weiss was able to show that granite was harder than marble, and therefore should make a more durable floor.

Can granite become marble?

Granite cannot metamorphose into marble. Marble is metamorphosed limestone or dolostone.

Is granite harder than limestone?