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Hydrogen is in the Periodic Table because it is an element, and all elements are in the periodic table.

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Q: Why is hydrogen in the perodic table?
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What is chlorine in the perodic table?

A Halogen.

What are the historical perodic table?

I think it was Mendaleev's periodic table.

What are the metalloids on the perodic table?

meercury , lead

What does Cu stand for on the perodic table?


What does P stand for on the perodic table?


What does Li stand for in the perodic table?


Why isn't water included in the perodic table?

because water is not an element. it is a molecule made of 3 atoms...2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen. the hydrogen and oxygen are both on the table though, so in a way water is too

How many groups are on the perodic table?

There are 18 groups on the periodic table. These groups are columns that contain elements with similar properties due to their shared electron configurations. The groups are numbered 1 to 18, with the first two groups referred to as the "s-block" elements and the last six groups classified as the "p-block" elements.

What is magnesium in the perodic table?

check out an interesting periodic table at

On the perodic table what are groups?

Search: Groups on Periodic Table on google.

What odor is lanthanum?

lanthanum is a element on the perodic table ...

What is the only letter not appearing on the perodic table?