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selective breeding is important as for example if i was a farmer and i wanted a cow to produce a lot of milk then i would breed the cow which produces the most milk. so i would get a male cow which produces a lot of milk and breed with a female cow which also produces a lot of milk.

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With heritability the traits of the parent get transferred to the offspring, so you can predict what the offspring will look like and select the parents accordingly. Without that, breeding wouldn't be much use.

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Heritability deals with the genes so that in natural and artificial selection, if something is heritable, it may be passed down to the children (through the genes). In natural selection, many theories such as Darwin's propose that animals and people subconsciously choose those heritable traits they most wish to see replicated in their offspring. In artificial selection, the general idea is to pick those genes carrying the heritable traits (such as eye/hair color, diseases, etc.) that you want to see in your children.

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Q: Why is selective breeding important?
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What is the breeding of organisms that have a certain desire trait?

Selective breeding.

A pig's selective breeding history?

a pig's selective breeding history

What jobs include selective breeding?

Biotechnology is involved in Selective Breeding.

How is selective breeding a form of biotechnology?

Selective breeding is one form of biotechnology important in agriculture and medicine, because when scientists manipulate the genetic makeup of an organism, they are using biotechnology.

What do you call the process of choosing parent organisms for the characteristics that you want in their offspring?

the process of selecting a few organisms with the desired traits to serve as parents of the next generation is called what?

What are two types of selective breeding and how are they compared?

Selective breeding, Inbreeding and hybridization. :)

When organisms with certain desirable triats are mated?

Selective Breeding Selective Breeding

What is another name for selective breeding?

Another name of selective breeding can also be artificial selection.

What are some draw backs of selective breeding?

You do not allow evolution to occur, for you are evolution in selective breeding.

Luther burbank developed over 800 varieties of plants by?

Selective breeding

Why use selective breeding?

Selective breeding is a way of maintaining animal existence. Selective breeding is when the strong survive. If only the weak survived then all animals would die out quickly

Why are mutations useful in selective breeding?

Because without mutations, selective breeding would be almost impossible.