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because its polar

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Q: Why is sodium benzoate soluble in water?
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Is sodium benzoate soluble in sodium chloride?

Sodium benzoate and sodium chloride are soluble in water.

What are the formula and solubility in water of sodium benzoate?

C7H5NaO2 and it is 90% soluble in water

Is sodium benzoate soluble in NaOH?

No, sodium benzoate is not soluble in NaOH with an exception. The exception is if the NaOH is in an aqueous solution, it may be soluble in it.

What is sodium benzoate solubility in water?

The solubility of sodium benzoate in water is 62.69 grams per 100 mL. Generally acids are not very soluble in water.

Are the initial products of the saponification of methyl benzoate soluble or insoluble in water?

Saponification is performed with NaOH so products are Methanol and Sodium benzoate both of these are soluble in water.

Why is benzoic acid soluble in Na2CO3?

Benzoic acid reacts with sodium carbonate to form sodium benzoate salt which is soluble in water.

What are the ingredients of the effervescent tablet?

sodium bicarbonate, citric acid,sodium benzoate and water soluble flavour

Is Sodium Benzoate soluble in HCl?

it is insoluble

Is sodium benzoate soluble in diethyl ether?

No, it is not.

Why is the sodium benzoate easily extracted into H20 while the original benzoic acid is not easily extracted into H20?

Because sodium benzoate is a salt and is soluble in water while benzoic acid is insoluble.

Why initial products of the saponification of methyl benzoate soluble in water?

Saponification is a term used where soaps are formed as from fats and oils (triglycerides), methyl benzoate is a simple ester so here we may use the term hydrolysis, the reaction is performed in presence of NaOH so initial products are in ionic or salt form, sodium benzoate and sodium methoxide so are soluble in water.

Is Sodium Benzoate the same thing as Benzalkonium chloride I am allergic to Sodium Benzoate?

Is Benzalkonium Chloride the same thing as Sodium Benzoate? I am allergic to Sodium Benzoate.

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