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Because sodium hydroxide is corrosive.!!!

The best acid cures is a carbonate.

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Due to two reasons it can not be used but its use is more dangerous, 1- it is more corrosive than acid 2- the acid base reaction is highly exothermic, so burns due to acids become more worst.

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Q: Why is sodium hydroxide not used as an acid cure?
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What is the chemical equation for Pyrogallic acid an sodium hydroxide?

Pyrogallic acid and sodium hydroxide is used to provide anaerobiosis.

What combination of acid and base can be used to make the salt sodium choroide?

Hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide.

Can lemonade create reactivity with sodium hydroxide?

Yes, lemonade can react with sodium hydroxide. Lemonade contains citric acid, which is a weak acid. When it reacts with sodium hydroxide, it undergoes a neutralization reaction, forming water and a salt called sodium citrate. This reaction can be used to titrate or determine the concentration of the sodium hydroxide solution.

Why is phenolphthalein indicator used in the titration of oxalic acid against sodium hydroxide?

Yes. Phenolphthalein can be used as an indicator for the titration of a weak acid (oxalic acid) against strong base (sodium hydroxide).

What acid would be used if sodium nitrate and hydrogen are formed?

If it was a reaction between sodium hydroxide and an unknown acid the acid would be nitric acid (HNO3)

What combinations of acid and base can be used to make the salt sodium chloride?

You could use hydrochloric acid, HCl, and sodium hydroxide, NaOH.

What is the best substance to neutralise sodium hydroxide solution?

Any acid can be used to neutralize a base such as sodium hydroxide. If you have a concentrated solution of sodium hydroxide, you could neutralize it most efficiently with a strong acid such as hydrochloric acid. You can also neutralize it with Coca Cola, or vinegar, or many other acidic chemicals, but it would require a larger amount than if you used hydrochloric acid.

What are the products of sodium chloride?

Sodium chloride is NaCl. Sulfuric acid is H2SO4.

What is the acid and the metal hydroxide used in sodium chloride?

Sodium chloride is the result of this reaction: NaOH + HCl = NaCl + H2O

How do you treat waste hydrochloric acid which is used in galvanization?

Neutralization with a base (possible a basic waste) as sodium hydroxide or ammonium hydroxide, etc.

Is an iye and acid or base?

A Base . More correctly it is a soluble base, 'Lye' is the commercial name used in soap making for 'sodium hydroxide'. Sodium hydroxide is an alkali ( a soluble base).

Why sodium hydroxide is used in furosemide injection assay?

Sodium hydroxide is used in furosemide injection assay because sodium hydroxide is pH-control and sodium hydroxide control the solution or the solution in stable.