Why is soil a necessary resource?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It helps sustain all life on earth. Including you life. Soil provides you with nearly all the food you eat. Many other items you use, such as cotton clothing and medicines, come from plants.

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Q: Why is soil a necessary resource?
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Is soil a resource?

Yes soil is a resource

Why is soil nonrenewable resource?

why is soil anonrenewable resource

Why is soil considered a nonerenewable resource?

Why is soil considered a nonrenewable resource

How is soil a resource?

it is part of the mineral resource

What are soil resources?

a resource that can be found in dirt or soil

Is soil a nonrenewable energy source?

Soil is not an energy resource. New soil is made all the time through the decomposition of vegetation. It is a renewable resource.

Is soil a natural resource in North Dakota?

Yes soil is a natural resource in North Dakota.Also if it weren't for the soil North Dakota wouldn't have great farming!

What resource is soil?

its exactly a inexhaustible resource

Is soil a nonrenwable resource?


Is coal a type of soil?

\no soil is a renewable resource and coal is nonrenewable

What type of resource is soil?

soil is a non-renewable resource because it takes time to make a new one without the help of humans

Is soil a primary resource?

yes soil is a primary source in some cases.