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Because its the end of the school year

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Q: Why is summer vacation longer than winter break?
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What are words to describe summer?

sunny,beach,towel,beach ball,ocean,vacation,summer break

Why should we keep summer vacation?

To break up the academic and business year.

Do engineers have summer vacation or no?

If they are teaching engineering, they may have a summer break between school years. If they are working in the field professionally, they may take a vacation or a sabbatical, but they probably wouldn't have the summer off.

How many kids want a longer summer break?

I do! I do!

Where does the comma go Many students anticipate spring break but Luis looks forward to winter vacation more?

Where does the comma go? "Many students anticipate spring break, but Luis looks forward to winter vacation more?"

Winter words that start with v?

Vancouver (where the winter Olympics were held February 2010) vacation (people go on vacation during winter break) velvet (I normally don't see this worn any other time of year but winter)

How does tourist pollute the Bahamas?

like any place, tourest pollute the Bahamas on its busiest times of the year, witch is winter break, spring break, and parts of the summer. I suggest that you should go on vacation there mid-September, or in february. hope that answers your question :)

Do Chinese schools have summer vacation?

No they're Chinese. If they took a break it would be dishonor to their famiry

When is winter break in Australia?

Australia's seasons are opposite to that of USA. Winter is from June - August. Summer: December - February Autumn: March - May Winter: June - August Spring: September - November

Should you make your kids do chores on vacation?

If your kids are home on summer vacation than yes they should still do their chores. If your family is away on vacation, your kids deserve a break from chores.

Should there be shorter summer vacation?

Most kids would strongly disagree on shorter summer break but more education may benifit them (the kids)

Why kids should have year round school instead of summer vacation?

Kids need their vacation. Its that simple. I am a kid myself and personally in my school we lack holidays. Our summer break is 7 weeks long. After A hard school year full of ICGSE kids need to have their down time and break.