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The ice at the North Pole is constantly melting because: Pollution clogs up the atmosphere, so it traps greenhouse gases inside the Earth. Greenhouse gases keep us warm, so they're normally a good thing, but now we have wayyyyy to much. Polar bears need ice to live on. (hello, they can't swim forever!) Also, they catch their fish through holes in the ice.

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Yes. The polar sea ice is shrinking each year. Each year the winter sea ice melts faster. Polar bears need to bulk up in winter by eating seals. Now they have a shorter time for feeding. The Hudson Bay bears are forced onto the land during summer where they compete for food and living space with humans and other animals. Food shortages mean that bears are weaker, fewer cubs are born and those that do are more likely to die.

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Climate change is warming up the earth, resulting in melting for the poor Polar Bears :( How sad.

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Global warming means that the Arctic sea ice is melting. Polar Bears need this sea ice to help them in their feeding and breeding.

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the polar bears habitat is dying

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Q: Why is the ice of the polar bear melting?
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Does polar bear diluted by melting ice become more or less dense?

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Is the grizzly bear nearly extinct?

No way - you might be thinking of the Polar Bear, which because of Global Warming their habitat for hunting is disappearing as the polar ice caps are melting faster - so let's start a campaign to SAVE THE POLAR BEAR!

Why is the polar bear's habitat dying?

Arctic ice is melting from global warming. Bears need the ice to catch seals which they rely on for food.

On what do polar bears depend?

Right now, polar bears depend on humans. The habitat of the polar bear is decreasing. Because of global warming, the ice is melting. Polar bears are dying off because they have to swim long distances to get to ice.

The melting of Greenland ice sheet poses an immediate threat to the survival of which animal?

The Polar bear gets in real trouble if the ice cap disappeared.

What makes polar bear endangered?

The GLOBAL WARMING is melting the ice that they need to live on.

Why is melting sea ice such a threat to the polar bears?

Melting sea ice is a threat to the polar bears because without the sea ice the polar bears predators will see them and swim away.

Is the polar bear natural habitat threatened by natural or man made forces?

Yes, because the pollution is melting the polar ice caps, so it's getting flooded

Why the polar bear are deceasing?

Global warming is a main culprit of the decreaseing numbers of Polar bears, warmer temperatures mean loss of habitat due to melting ice and glaciers.

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