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diamond has a 3 dimensional frame work of carbon and hence has high melting point

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Q: Why is the melting point of diamond higher than sulfur?
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Which has the higher melting point sulfur dioxide or carbon dioxide?


What is the melting point and boiling point for sulfur?

The melting point of sulfur is: 115,21 ºC The boiling point of sulfur is: 444,6ºC

Why is diamond a unusual non metal?

non-metals have lower density, melting and boiling point but diamond has higher density, melting and boiling point.

Why melting point of diamond is higher than that of silicon carbide?

Diamond is a covalent network solid, and those types of compounds have higher melting points than other types of compound.

Why does sulfur have a higher melting point than phosphorus?

Sulfur is a larger molecule. It hence experiences greater Van der Waal's force.

What is the melting point of sulfur expressed in degrees celsius?

the melting point of sulfur is 115.21 degrees Celsius according to

Why is the melting point of diamond higher than that of sodium chloride?

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What is sulfur melting and boiling points?

melting: 115.21 ºC boiling: 444.6 ºC

Why is the melting point of sulfur higher than that of phosphorus?

Although they are both molecular structures, sulfur exists as S8 while phosphorus exists as P4. Sulfur has more electrons, therefore also has more Van Der Waals forces, than phosphorus. This means that it will require more heat energy to overcome these forces, causing it have a higher melting point.

Does sulfur have a high or low melting point?

It has a melting point of 113 degrees celieus

Does CaO or CS2 have a higher melting point?

CaO has a higher melting point.

Which has a higher melting point Neon or Argon?

Argon has the higher melting point.