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Because wet hair repels light and weighs down your hair... Once the water evaporates the colour of your hair gets lighter because it reflects light. When its wet light takes a longer time to penetrate through your hair, thus leading in a darker colour... Until it drys.

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I think it has something to do with the water molocules mixing with your hair cells. Also, you know how the sky reflects on the water making it appear blue, yet the water always looks a bitdarker? I think that also has something to do with it. Sorry if this didn't help much!

Optically, it is because of the lack of light absorption and reflection. Hair will appear lighter when the light can pass through and illuminate the hair strand. Water adds density and light can not pass through as effectively.

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Wet objects normally look darker than the same object when it is dry because when an object is dry the light bounces directly to the eye, but when the object is wet the light bounces inside the wet region before the eye. That is why it appears darker when it is wet.

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Why is wet sand darker than dry sand

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Q: Why is wet sand darker than dry sand?
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Why is wet sand at the beach cooler to walk on than dry sand?

because wet sand is cold from the cold water that makes it wet, and dry sand is in the sun and the water cant reach all the sand.

Is sand wet?

Sand can be wet or dry.

Is sand dry?

Dry sand is dry because it has little or no water in it. Wet sand is wet because it is saturated with water. Wet sand is often found on ocean beaches.

Why does dry sand weigh more than wet sand?

Anyone who has dug a shovelful of wet sand and a shovelful of dry sand will tell you that the wet sand is quite a bit heavier than the dry sand. Dry sand is composed of individual particles with air in the spaces between grains. When you add water to a bucket of dry sand, the water replaces the air. Although the bucket is already full of sand, you can pour in quite a bit of water, adding that much more weight. If you have a choice of which bucket to carry, pick the bucket of dry sand every time!

Why wet soil have lower albedo than dry soil?

Darker substances tend to absorb incident solar radiation more abundantly than light, which in turn means it reflects less of the radiation. Therefore, because wet soil is darker than dry, wet soil has a lower albedo.

Does wet sand heat faster than dry sand?

The dry sand would heat up faster because there are less compact molecules then the wet sand, so it's easier for the sun's warming rays to get through the molecules.

Does sand weigh more when it is wet or dry?

Sand, dirt, and other dry things weigh more if it is wet.

When you walk across dry sand you sink when you walk across wet sand you do not sink why?

As the dry sand is loosely packed/coupled with each other thus the substancial force which are required to hold each granual is less as compared to the wet sand. when the sand is wet the forces of attraction increases as the each granual of the sand is easily coupled increasing the substancial force. thus a person can walk over wet sand rather than on a dry sand

Is there dry sand beneath the wet sand at the bottom of the ocean?


What weighs more wet sand or dry concrete?

dry concrete

Why does wind erode dry sediment more easily than wet rock?

The wind does that because the sand is wet. Being wet means the sand has higher density and weight so it is less easily eroded.

How much does 1 liter of sand weight?

The density of sand varies depending on what minerals the grains of sand are made of, and wet sand is denser than dry sand. As a rough rule of thumb, a litre of dry sand weighs about 1500 grams.