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When magnesium burns in air the intense light produced contains consider ultraviolet that can permanently damange the eye's retina. Please see the link.

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Q: Why should you not look at magnesium ribbon when it burns?
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What happens when magnesium ribbon burns?

When a magnesium ribbon is burned it combines with molecular oxygen forming magnesium oxide (MgO); the flame color is white.A huge spark. Kind of like a firework-ish. You kind of have to see it.

What does a magnesium strip look like before it is burnt?

It has the appearance of a thin silver-coloured ribbon.

What does magnesium look like after burning in air?

magnesium look like white powder after burning in air. magnesium burns in air n react with atmospheric oxygen n forms magnesium oxide which is a white powder.

What is the appearance of magnesium when burnt in air?

Magnesium burns with an intensely bright white light and forms magnesium oxide. Magnesium oxide is a white solid, often a powder. Do not look directly at burning magnesium - it may damage your eyes.

Why does a magnesium ribbon burn with a dazzling white flame?

Magnesium undergoes a chemical reaction when it burns: It combines with oxygen out of the atmosphere to form magnesium oxide (MgO), which has more mass than the Mg alone. The atomic mass of magnesium is 24.3, but the molecular mass of MgO is 40.3 (24.3 + 16.0).

When magnesium combine with oxygen?

It makes a white light which you aren't aloud to look at because it will hurt your eyes.Above is correct. Magnesium and oxygen can burn explosively, producing a LOT of heat, intense light, and magnesium oxide.

What is the solubility of magnesium oxide?

the solubility is 0.0086 g/100ml

What does the eclipse book look like?

Eclipse has a ribbon on it and the ribbon is rippling.

When magnesium burns in air what do you see happen?

When magnesium (Mg) burns in excess oxygen (O2) you will see a very, very bright light. Do not look at the light. The magnesium will turn black/like ash. This is magnesium oxide. One possible chemical equation for this reaction is2Mg (s) + O2 (g) => MgO (s)for those of you just learning chemistry, the (s) in brackets symbolises the state- s for solid, l for liquid, g for gas, or "aq" for "in solution" (literally "aqueous").

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