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catenation is a unique property shown by carbon. for catination to occur, we need certain conditions to be satisfied. a most important factor is the size. carbon satisfies the size requirements which favours strong c-c bonds. but Si-Si bonds are not so strong in our conditions.

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Q: Why silicon does not show catenation?
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Which elements show catenation?

Elements like Silicon and Carbon show catenation.

Why does silicon does not have any catenating property?

Silicon also shows catenation ...but only till 8 atoms.

What is meant by term catenation?

Catenation is the linkage of atoms of the same element into longer chains. Catenation occurs most readily in carbon, which forms covalent bonds with other carbon atoms to form longer chains and structures. several other main group elements exhibit catenation, including silicon and sulfur.

Why carbon dioxide doesn't show the property of catenation but silicon dioxide does?

Silicon has large and diffused p orbitals so it is unable to form Multiple bonds , so to satisfy the 4 valencies, it forms Si-chains. In CO2, on the other hand, the double bonds make CO2 a discreet molecule.

Which is a better semiconductor silicon or germanium?

silcon is a better semiconduter since,it has great applications like in making of nanowires which only can be made from, silicon is just after the carbon it exibit it's great property of catenation and can be made into tubes which can't be done with germanium so, in this way we can say that besides exibiting basic semiconducter properties silicon can show other useful properties too

What is tetravalent properties?


What is Phenomenon catenation?

Phenomenon Catenation is a link to self of the atoms of elements to produce lengthy chains Carbon is an example

What is the catenation properties of carbon?


What is Catenation and hybridization of carbon?

Catenation is a unique property of carbon to link with other carbon atoms to form rings or chains with the help of covalent bonds. Catenation is the reason for the presence of a large number of organic compounds in nature.

What contains lots of carbon?

Generally organic compounds have lots of carbons (tens of them in number). This is because of a property called catenation which allows carbon to form long chain of like atoms (other carbon atoms). Such property is usually not shown by other elements. Silicon show it to some extent. It has some compounds with upto 8 silicon chains.

What is the reason for catenation property?

carbon has unique ability

The self linking property of carbon is called as?


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