What is induced investment?

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Business investment expenditures that depend on income or production (especially national income or gross national product). An increase in national income triggers an increase in induced investment expenditures.

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Q: What is induced investment?
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Difference between autonomous and induced investment?

when an increase in investment is due to increase in current level of income and production, it is known as induced investment The autonomous invesment is generally associated with such factors as the introduction on new techniques or products, the development of new resources or the growth of population and labour force

What is the difference between induced and autonomous investment?

Note that 'autonomous' means something you cant do wihtout.this kind of involves does not respond too changes in nocome level because it comes from a point of necessity e.g building of roads,govt hospitals,school etc.while induced investment responds to changes in income levels,,entreprenuers would prefer to invest more when there is abundance in availability of finance an vice versa.

What is the symbol for induced emf?

An induced electromotive force (emf) is an induced voltage.

What is induced spawning?

induced spawning is an artificial breeding of fishes same as induced breeding.

What is self induced?

induced or brought on by oneself

What is Induced mutation?

Mutations which are artifically induced with the help of mutagenic agents are called induced mutations

Interaction of multiplier and accelerator is called?

The interaction of multiplier and accelerator which bring change in gross national income. The components of theory are warranted growth rate, consumption function, autonomous investment, induced investment and multiplier accelerator relationship. The economy is growing at warranted growth rate when saving and investment are equal. The economic fluctuations around the warranted growth rate are due to working of multiplier and accelerator. The consumption is considered the function of income of the previous period. When consumption lags behind income, the multiplier is treated as lagged relation. Autonomous investment is free from changes in output level so it is not concerned with growth of economy. Induced investment has a link with changes in output so it is related with economic growth rate. The accelerator is based on induced investment. When investment level falls, the accelerator-multiplier works on the reverse direction. The price of contraction is slow as compared to expansion due to asymmetrical working accelerator. During expansion phase the limit to the expansion of real investment is set by production system capacity. In case of downturn the limit to disinvestment is set by depreciation. The businessman does not replace the worn-out machines. During slump multiplier work in reverse order and accelerator has limited role. Autonomous investment declines during slump but remains positive. The cyclical process is repeated in this way.

What are induced dipole-induced dipole bonds?

induced dipole-induced dipole bonds are the weak intermolecular force of attraction between non-polar covalent molecules.

What are the Example each for self induced and mutually induced emf?

mutual induced emf principle is used in transformer

How do you differentiate induced emf from induced current?

An induced electromotive force (emf) is an induced voltage. Voltage (emf) causes current flow, and this induced voltage will cause a current that is called the induced current.We might also add that the induced current will cause a magnetic field to expand about the current path, and this field will "sweep" the conductor. The sweeping of the conductor by that expanding magnetic field will set up an emf that will oppose the emf that was creating it.CommentTechnically, there is no such thing as an 'induced current'. It is voltage that is induced. Any current flows as a result of that induced voltage being applied to a load. But that current is certainly NOT induced!

What is the DSM definition of Alcohol-related Disorders?

substance-induced disorders and substance use disordersAlcohol-related disordersAlcohol 305.00 Abuse303.90 Dependence291.8 -Induced anxiety disorder291.8 -Induced mood disorder291.1 -Induced persisting amnestic disorder291.2 -Induced persisting dementia291.5 -Induced psychotic disorder, with delusions291.3 -Induced psychotic disorder, with hallucinations291.8 -Induced sexual dysfunction291.8 -Induced sleep disorder303.00 Intoxication291.0 Intoxication delirium291.9 -Related disorder NOS291.8 Withdrawal291.0 Withdrawal delirium

Is a transformer a resistive or induced load?

A transformer is an induced load..

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