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Q: What year was the Suez canal built?
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What are 3 economic landmarks of Egypt?

Suez canal Tourism Oil/Gas and agriculture exports

Why was egypt important in World War 2?

Egypt was of strategic importance as it guarded the Suez Canal

How will South Africa be affected if the Suez Canal closes?

If the Suez Canal closes, all shipping traffic going to Europe from the East will have to go around the Southern tip of the African continent. This means all ships will have to pass South Africa on route to Europe or back. South Africa being the most modern country in the Southern part of Africa, all the shipping traffic would mean increased fuel stops, tourism, port expansion, etc. In short, this would spell an economic boom for South Africa.

Why was Egypt of strategic importance in WW2?

Egypt was of strategic importance in WW2 because Egypt's Suez Canal was the key reaching the oil fields of the Middle East. Added by VonRidel: In addition, a large portion of the British Empire was located in the Far East. Australia, India, New Zealand, Singapore, New Guinea, Burma, N. Borneo, Somalia, Oceana, and much of E. Africa and islands around Malaya. Men, raw materials, and oil all were supplying the British Empire's war machine through the Suez Canal. If they had to go around the southern tip of Africa, it would have taken several weeks longer to transit in very hazardous seas.

What economic policies did Nasser introduce?

He increased the economic power of the government by nationalizing industries and taking control of foreign -owned businesses, including the Suez Canal. He redistributed land to poor farmers and increased the wages of urban workers Nasser's goal was to expand farm output and end economic dependence on West by developing Egypt's industry.

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