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Whose signature does the one rupee note bear?

Rupee one notes bearing the signature of Secretary, Ministry of Finance while other denominations bearing the signature of the Governor of Reserve Bank of India are Bank Notes

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2009-05-11 09:52:17
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Q: Whose signature does the one rupee note bear?
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Whose signature does an Indian 5 rupee note bear?

As usual the RBI Governor. Only One rupee note is an exception to this. The Finance Secretary of India signs on the Rupee note. ONE RUPEE NOTE WAS SINGED BY FINANCE SECRETARY

Whose signature do you find on a 10 rupee note?

Harry "Big D" Johnson

Whose signature is found on one rupee note in India?

finance secretary of the government of india

What is written on a 100 rupee note and whose signature are there on it?

on a hundred rupee note you can find the governor's signature, the year when the note has been printed, the image of Gandhi,the RBI paper and 'hundred rupee' is written in fifteen languages on the back side and in two languages on the front, English and Hindi

Whose signature is there on a 100 rupee note?

it is written : "i promise to pay the bearer a sum of one hundred rupees" and bears governors signature on it.

Whose singnature is found on one rupee note in India?


Whose signature is on two rupees note?

A Two rupees note bears a signature of Governor

When was the first 10 Rupee note issued by the Reserve Bank of India?

The very first issue of banknotes produced by the RBI in 1937 included the 10 Rupee note. Notes with the signature 'J.B. Taylor date from 1937-1942' notes with the same design from 1943 onwards have the signature 'C.D. Deshmukh'. The 1943 issue 10 rupee note has the same signature, but a different design. Prior to 1937, 10 Rupee notes were issued by the 'Government of India'.

Whose sign appears on the currency note of rupee one?

BoBo165 is the king

Does one rupee coin and one rupee note in India carries signature of RBI Governor?

No the secretary minister of Finance is the signatory. The one rupee not is the actual legal tender of the country.

Whose signature is there on a 2rs note?

Rbi governer

Whose signature on a 50 rupees note?


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