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mabahu 1 bilat

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Q: Bansa na may mataas na human development?
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Is increase income a sufficient indicators for rural development?

No. It may be a temporary increase or it may only refer to certain parts of the economy.

What is economic bad?

Ecomic bad may be defined as the factors which affect the development of economic activities.

Which is an example of multidirectional development?

A person's height will increase from birth until adulthood, and in late adulthood, it may decrease.

What kind of economy does the US have?

mixed market economy

Differentiate between economic development and sustainable development?

economic development implies more, particularly improvements in health, education and other aspects of human welfare. Countries that increase their Income but do not also raise life expectancy, reduce infant mortality, and increase literacy rates are missing out of some important aspects of development. The economic development of a country is defined as the development of the economic wealth of the country. Economic development is aimed at the overall well-being of the citizens of a country, as they are the ultimate beneficiaries of the development of the economy of their country. Economic growth on the other hand, is a narrower concept than economic development. It is defined as the increase in the value of goods and services produced by every sector of the economy. It is usually expressed in terms of the gross domestic product or GDP of the country. Economic growth is defined by increases in GDP. Whereas, economic development is more of a vague measure usually incorporating social measures such as literacy rates or life expectancy as a means of measuring a country's level of development. at last its depends on the market weather it high or low of the demand

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Ano ang mga bansa sa pilipinas na may mataas na antas ng pandarayuhan?


Kailan masasabi na ang isang bansa ay may mataas na antas ng teknolohiya?

oo meron ang . >> gobernadorcillo :)

Bayan na may pinaka mataas na populasyon?

penaka mataas na lugar

Propesyon na may mataas na demand?


Bayan na may pini ka mataas na populasyon?

edi china..!

What is the range of factors that may enhance or inhibit human development?

Factors that may enhance human development include a positive environment, healthy food, and education. Factors that may inhibit include genetics, illness, culture, and disability.

How has the study of human development evolved What issues have guided study in the field of human development What current events or trends may shape future study of human development?

Just tell your university of Phoenix professor, that you don't understand the DQ question.

The study of human development may best be described as an attempt to understand?

'how and why people change across the life span.'development here means the change, and human means the whole life span rather then just fetal or child development.

May pakialam sa nangyari sa ating bansa?

para Hindi na magka utang_utang pa sa ibang bansa

MAY MALAWak na kagubatan?

bansa na may malawak na disyerto

What are the 4 principles of human development?

A basic principle of growth and development is being sure a child is on track for their age group. Evaluations are done if a child is not on track, and intervention may be performed.

What is the difference between social cohesion and human development?

Whilst social cohesion is about the sharing of culture and living together of a certain group, human development is about advancing in whatever it is man needs. It is certainly not mandatory to develop only in a group, human development may be very individual and can therefore not be compared to social cohesion, for the latter one is never individual.