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Q: Does marginal cost always intersect average cost at minimum average cost?
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Does marginal cost curve always intersect the average cost curve at the average cost curve's lowest point?

When the marginal cost is below the average total costs or the average variable costs,then the AC would be declining.When marginal cost is above the average cost then the average cost would be increasing.Therefore the marginal cost should intersect with the average cost at the lowest point in order to pull the average cost upwards.

Relationship between Tota Product Marginal Product and Average Product?

Average Product = (Total Product) / (Labor) Marginal Product(2) = (Total Product)(2) - (Total Product)(1)

Marginal revenue curve?

Explain why the marginal revenue(MR) is always less than the average revenue (AR)?

Why the marginal cost curve always cut the average cost curve at its lowest point?

This is because if a marginal figure is less than an average figure, the new average figure will decrease.

What does marginal revenue products refers to?

The marginal product is the output produced by one more unit of a given input. Found at

Why law of diminishing returns and return to scale might use in understanding the output decisions of firms in different industries?

show with example that if the marginal product is always decreasing the average product is always above the marginal product?

Do two lines always intersect at one point?

If two different lines intersect, they will always intersect at one point.

Do perpendicular lines always sometimes or never intersect?

Perpendicular lines always intersect and make 90 degree angles. Parallel lines never intersect with each other.

Will the perpendicular bisectors of a right triangle always intersect?

yes, because perpendicular lines always intersect. all lines intersect unless they are parallel or on separate planes (skew)

Why average cost increase when marginal cost is increasing?

Marginal cost = derivative of (Total cost/Quantity) Where Total cost = fixed cost + variable cost Marginal cost = derivative (Variable cost/Quantity) (by definition, fixed costs do not vary with quantity produced) Average cost = Total cost/Quantity The rate of change of average cost is equivalent to its derivative. Thus, AC' = derivative(Total cost/Quantity) => derivative (Variable cost/Quantity) = MC. So, when MC is increasing, AC' is increasing. That is, when marginal cost increases, the rate of change of average cost must increase, so average cost is always increasing when marginal cost is increasing.

If a company's debt is low does marginal cost of capital apply?

Weighted average cost of capital includes cost of debt and cost of equity. Thus irrespective of existing proportion of debt and equity, the marginal cost is always applicable.

Do Two planes always intersect in a line?

Some planes are parallel and don't intersect at all. Those that do intersect (and that are not coincident, i.e. the same plane) intersect in a line.