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In a capitalist system, the government answers the three basic questions.

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Q: How does a traditional economy differ from a capitalist economy?
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Is New Zealand a traditional economy?

NO. New Zealand is a modern capitalist economy.

Does Mexico have a capitalist traditional or command economy?

Mexico has a traditional capitalist economy, transitioning to a modern capitalist one -- Mexico is an Emerging Market (EM), or Newly Industrialized Country (NIC).Mexico has never been a command economy.

Why does Mexico have a traditional economy?

Mexico has a mix of traditional (i.e: made by hand or with little help from automated work) and modern economy. This is the reason it is considered an emerging market.

Is Ghana a capitalist or socialist economy?

Ghana is a capitalist economy.

Is US a capitalist economy or mixed economy?

Capitalist: wages system,production for profit, class ownership.

Is Uruguay a capitalist or communist economy?

A capitalist economy since its conception.

How did the command economy under Stalin differ from a capatalist economy?

A command economy is a system where the government controls economic activity and the production and distribution of goods. In a capitalist economy, such things are determined by market forces.

List of countries with capitalist economy?

Two of the countries that have a capitalist economy include: Germany and the United States. Also, China, India, and Japan have a capitalist economy.

Is Britain a capitalist or socialist economy?


Is free enterprise found in a capitalist economy or socialist economy?

It is found in a capitalist economy. However, do remember no nation currently has a pure capitalist or pure socialist economy. Every nation has a trace of capitalist and socialist

How is Barbados a democratic capitalist economy?

is barbados a capitalist country

What are the supportive arguments you will raise favouring capitalist economy?

what are supportive argument you will raise favouring capitalist economy