How should we waste money?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Cheap wine and wild women.

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Q: How should we waste money?
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Should you buy a blackberry or is it a waste of money?

Waste of money get an LGKS360

What sentence should you use for waste?

that camera was a WASTE of money =)

What is the literal of time is money?

this means that you should not waste time, because you could be using to earn some money

Should you buy a cheap electric guitar?

no! its a waste of money

Should you buy Angry Birds for your iPad when you have it for your iPhone?

Why waste your money over the same game? You should use the money for other things.

Why do some politicians think the senate should be reformed?

that's it is a waste of money, and, therfore, that we should get rid of it.

Does the European Union waste money?

Like any large organisation dealing with large amounts of money, the European Union does waste some money, but it does not waste all of its money and itself is not a waste of money.

How do you react when you win the lottery?

You should be super happy but be rational and dont waste your money.

Why should you be a member on Club Penguin?

Pensonally I don't think you should waste money on a virtual online world

Why are a waste of money?

they are a waste of money because they get lame when your older the only toy that isn't a waste of money is a tech deck or flick trick

Should you loan money to relatives?

well, of course you should loan money to relatives, but if they're just gonna waste it on unimportant things, then no, but if they really need it, then yes.

Does pocket money teach independence?

Pocket money does teach independence because children will know how to spend their money when they grow bigger. Children should be given pocket money to learn their maths as well. Make sure that children do not waste pocket money on waste. Children should be given pocket money so that they can learn how to save money and use it on something good. I hope this helped!