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It is a plan to grow a business at a reasonable rate. If the business grows too slowly, there is not enough profit to keep the doors open, and if it grows to fast, the economic resources of the business cannot keep up with the growth.

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2010-07-20 12:04:56
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What are the feasibility study and define each

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Who organizes manages and assumes the risk of a business or enterprise

Example of feasibility study for a business like soap making

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Q: Importance of Strategic management to business growth?
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Different types of business strategies in strategic management?

stability expansion growth retrenchment etc

What is bottom up approach strategic management?

The bottom up approach to strategic management is when lower level employees provide input regarding business objectives. Employees help to make decisions on the direction of the business and future growth.

What is the importance of business calculations?

The importance of business calculations is that it helps in gauging the performance of a business. This will measure the growth of the business through computations of profit margins.

Advantages of strategic planning?

Strategic planning is the management task concerned with growth and future of a business enterprise. A well-organized planning system is an extremely useful communications network. The planning process is a means for communications among all levels of management about objectives, strategies, and detailed operational plans. One of the great advantages of strategic planning is that it simulates the future on paper.

What is a strategic investor?

strategic investor is one who invests intelligently for long term growth of the business eg: investing for a new technology

What has the author Linda Gorchels written?

Linda Gorchels has written: 'The Product Manager's Field Guide' -- subject(s): OverDrive, Business, Nonfiction 'Business model renewal' -- subject(s): Corporations, Management, Business planning, Strategic planning, Growth 'The Product Managers Handbook'

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Importance of franchising?

The importance of franchising in a business model is that it is key to driving growth. It is often the dream of a person starting their own business to eventually turn it into a successful franchise.

What is the importance of Marine insurance on business growth?

impotance of marine insurance for international trade?

Briefly describe your ideal job as a finance professional?

Develop and direct financial plans to support the strategic business plan, company growth and market opportunities and business development.

What is the relation of management?

If you start a company and you work for growth by implementing innovation to get business you are a management. Other departments co-ordinated for the profit . That a relations...

The importance of diffusion to the growth of the plant?

what is the importance of diffusion to the growth of the plant?

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