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Comparative Advantage is the idea that one person/business/or area can offer a product at a better price than another. The key elements would be the social and economic impact of this theory.

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2013-05-29 06:31:04
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Q: What are the key elements of Comparative Advantage?
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Has any company ever get comparative advantage in all good?

comparative advantage

Can you give me a sentence with the word comparative advantage?

i have a comparative advantage in sports when i play with the other girls

Define comparative advantage?

When a company or an individual makes a product or carry out a certain economic activity better than its competitors is called comparative advantage. A comparative advantage gives the company an advantage to make higher profits.

How do you trade arise with comparative advantage?

Trade arises under comparative advantage because of differences in pretrade relative prices.

What is comparative advantage in Grenada?

give me the answer

How does outsourcing relate to the concepts of comparative advantage and efficiency?

How does outsourcing relate to the concepts of comparative advantage and efficiency?Read more: How_does_outsourcing_relate_to_the_concepts_of_comparative_advantage_and_efficiency

Theory of specialization?

comparative advantage theorie and absolute advantage theorie

Can you put comparative advantage in a sentence?

One sentence that uses "comparative advantage" in a sentence is, "A small business has a comparative advantage." The phrase pertains to the capability of a company to produces goods and services which are lower in cost compared to other companies.

What is the ability to produce a good or service at a lower opportunity cost than other producers incur is known as?

Comparative Advantage.

What is Cambodia's comparative advantage?

Breast Milk

Who had presented comparative advantage theory?


In which product does Germany have comparative advantage in?


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