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what projects did noynoy aqiono made

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Ano ang mga ginawa no noynoy aquino upang mapaunlad ang pilipinas

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Q: What are the projects that President Noynoy Aquino did?
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What is the birthday of president Noynoy Aquino?

president Noynoy Aquino was born on Feb.8,1960

Who is the Philippine's president?

Noynoy Aquino

The next project of President Noynoy Aquino?


What are the failures of president noynoy Aquino?

Being the President of the Philippines.

Who is the current president of the Republic of the Philippines?

It's Benigno Aquino III, who is more known as Noynoy Aquino. Noynoy is Kris Aquino's older brother and the son of former president Corazon Aquino and former senator Benigno Aquino (Ninoy Aquino).

Who is the newest president in the Philippines?

Benigno Noynoy Aquino

Who was the President of the Philippines 2010?

benigno noynoy Aquino

How old is President Noynoy Aquino now?


What are the failures of noynoy Aquino?

Being the President of the Philippines.

Who is the president of the phlippines?

14 th president of the Philippines is noynoy Aquino

Translate this into English pang ilang presidente si noynoy Aquino?

If this would be translated to English, the direct way of questioning would be:What number president was Noynoy Aquino?orWhat number president is Noynoy Aquino?You can ask your friends this way like in casual conversations. But if it's somebody that you don't think you can be casual with, try the alternatives below:1. Where does Noynoy Aquino fall numerically in the list of presidents of the Philippines?2. Numerically, where does Noynoy Aquino fall on the list of Philippine presidents?3. Based on the number of Philippine presidents which position does Noynoy Aquino hold?answer : Among president of the Philippines on what spot the Noynoy Aquino has took placeRead more: What_is_the_English_of_pang-ilang_pangulo_ng_pilipinas_si_pang_Gloria_arroyo

What is your reaction about the Inaguration of president Noynoy Aquino?

ewan ko ^^