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A) Strenghts of 7 p's marketing mix by Kotler are:

-extended version of marketing mix will create more people being responsible for more details of marketing,

-analysis can be more accurate,

-better focus on customer,

- potentially better profits,

-more areas of marketing covered

-better feel of what works best,

B) Weaknesses :

- more costfull (more people employed in marketing team- New Look- 49 people),

-more time consuming,

-any one weak link will have an impact and influence on rest of 7 p's,


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Q: What is Advantage and disadvantage of marketing mix place?
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Advantages of the marketing mix?

The marketing mix refers to the choices that are available to an organization or a company regarding the marketing or promotion of its services or products. One of the advantage of the marketing mix is that it gives the organization a standard for allocating resources.

Features of service marketing?

Features of Service Marketing. It includes the 7 p's namely- product mix, price mix, place mix, promotion mix, people mix, process mix, physical evidence mix. Unlike in marketing which has only 4 p's (product, price, place, promotion).

What is Advantage and disadvantage of marketing mix?

leads to wast ages of resources e.g money, that is due to company use of various advertisemnt process they find that they use different ways e.g. email, TV advertisement e.t.c

Role of marketing mix?

The man role of the marketing mix is to promote a brand and create awareness. The marketing mix is summarized as 4Ps which stands for price, place, promotion and product.

What are the 4ps in marketing?

The 4 PS or the 'marketing mix' are Product, Price, Place and Promotion.

What are the 6 p's of the marketing mix?

The six Ps of the marketing mix are as follows: Product Price Place Promotion People Performance

Different factors in the 4Ps maximise marketing mix?

There are different factors in the 4Ps which help to maximize marketing mix. The main factors are price, product, promotion and the place which actually form the marketing mix.

Marketing mix strategies of airtel?

The marketing mix strategies of Airtel is known as the 4Ps. The 4Ps stand for product, price, place and promotions.

What are the components of a marketing mix?

product, place, price, and promotion

What are the four p's of the marketing mix?

product price promotion place

What are the marketing mix and importance in business?

product place price promotion

Marketing mix differ in domestic and international environment?

The marketing mix differs in the domestic and international environments due to their varied dynamics. The marketing mix refers to the price, product, promotion and place which will be different in terms of the targeted audience for domestic and international markets.